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 Скоро грядет патч 1.06 на ЕВРО

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СообщениеТема: Скоро грядет патч 1.06 на ЕВРО   Вт Апр 20, 2010 3:51 pm

The Open Beta of Allods Online has been a great success, in no small part because of our active and vocal community. Your comments and forums posts have provided us with thorough feedback to send our developers, and all of us are working to make Allods Online an even better game. You can be assured that many aspects of the game will be fine tuned and refined over the coming months.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we are getting ready to release our first major update of Open Beta. As some of you may already know, this update includes many vital fixes to known issues.

We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of these changes:

* Area of Effect spells (such as Snowstorm and Wall of Flame) will now raise a character's PvP flag properly.- поправили баг со скилами Вихрь и Огненная стена,теперь флаг поднимается при их использовании на имперцах )

* Stacks of items can now be split into smaller stacks.- стак теперь можно будет разделить на части.

* Guards have been improved in several locations throughout the allods, (however players are still expected to rally to their faction's defence when necessary).

* Many respawn locations have been improved: characters will now resurrect in a location more appropriate to where they had died.

* The raid and group window interfaces have been improved in several ways.

* Spells and abilities cast on oneself should no longer affect a player's PvP flag.

* After resurrecting, a player's PvP flag is switched off automatically, without the standard 5 minute cool down.-после воскрешения, флаг автоматически опускается,минуя 5-минутный откат.

* Pets are no longer able to travel farther than 70 metres from their master.-петы теперь будут убегать от хозяев на расстояние не больше 70 метров.

* Several quests have been fixed, including the "A New Craft" quest for both the League and the Empire.

* Stacked items can now be divided into several packs.

* Trading items between players shows the amount of bought/sold items.-теперь можно будет увидеть кол-во предметов при торге с другими игроками.

* Fixed an error with the visualization of fatigue when a player’s Flag of War had been recently raised.

* Private message reply button added. (BACKSPACE by default)-теперь на ПМ можно будет отвечать при помощи Backspace.

* Guild information is now displayed above players’ heads.-инфо о гильдии теперь будет отображаться над головами игроков.

* Fixed an issue where players under the effects of a War Banner would not always have their Flag of War raised when they attacked a player whose Flag of War was lowered.

* Fixed the issue where spells that had effects that last over time and area of effect spells would not raise a player’s Flag of War.

* Fixed an issue with the walking animation of Kanian female.

* Quest Corrected: Regular Customers: All NPCs can give broken runes and players are able to finsh the quest properly.

* Quest mechanics changed: Meeting the Seers and Yasker's Emissary: NPC can be escorted successfully and quest can be finished. If the NPC dies during the quest, it can be resummoned. For other players who are waiting for quest a special notice will appear.

* When players gather in a raid they can try to fight Zhor, the Demon Commander who lives in Gorluxor’s Tower and guards the entrance to the second portal. Let the strongest survive!

* All players who reach level 38 are able to finish new training quests that lead to wonderful Astral adventures. Players can take a “training” flight on a special free Astral ship. Interesting interactive training is done on board the ship’s deck. Those who have a ship already may still take part, you never know what you could find out Wink

* Improved League Astral ship model.

* Drop chances for chests from monsters on Astral isles has been optimised.

There are several updates in development and localisation for the European Allods Online. These patches and updates will contain many more improvements and fixes, as well as all new content to explore and experience.

This is only the beginning.

Вот такие новости выложили на форуме евро сервера. Скажу откровенно,большая часть пунктов меня порадовала)
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Скоро грядет патч 1.06 на ЕВРО
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